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Humaira Kapadia was born in 1995 and raised in Mumbai, India. She has degrees in Economics and Psychology.Her first Poetry Chapbook "I'm Looking" was published in 2021.
As a writer, Humaira's work is a fusion of spirituality, introspection, gratitude, and societal critique.
Being a linguaphile, she is passionate about learning and teaching the fundamentals of the classical Arabic language.


The book was fascinating and transported me to a different imagination altogether. I particularly liked the poem "Timeless Letters" with the interesting notes at the end which explained the Biblical names. The poem "Fruits of Supplication" gave me a unique perspective on fruits. A beautiful piece of work for real!
-Nikhil, India
Consisting of twenty heartfelt, personal poems, I’m Looking is Humaira Kapadia’s debut poetry book. Writing poetry is a courageous endeavour; the intimate act of baring the contents of your soul out into the open for the world to see can be daunting. I’m appreciative of and impressed by the clear effort made by the author to overcome the judgement and criticism that often arises from the confession of personal struggles.
-Sahar, UK
Humaira’s writing is minimal and effective, like hitting a nail on the head and shattering the illusion of a wall, each page unfurling a new truth-vivid and visceral.
-Rhea, India
The quality of the work is very clear and that is due to numerous factors but one that I think is crucial to a writer’s craft is self-reflection. The ideas shared are developed through a creative process that takes time and effort, fusing this with strong, clear beliefs and convictions is a recipe for something special. I really admire the honesty on display in the book and it highlights an incredible ability to think deeply whilst remaining relatable. Social media, diet culture and patriarchy are explored as Humaira looks outward. Looking inward focuses more on the emotions within and the themes go beyond the surface to the heart. Introspection helps us to consider our dreams, desires and vulnerabilities to work out who we are. The poems made me think about who I am and how that person is forever changing, forever growing, navigating the contradictions of life.
-Chris, UK
After having read Humaira Kapadia’s debut poetry collection called I’m Looking, I absolutely fell in love with it. I read her book in one sitting and re-read it twice by now. And I keep going back to one text or another for just how relatable it was and ever so beautifully written. Each poetry collection feels like a conversation between you and the writer, discussing themes & observations that are both, engaging and thought-provoking.
-Sahaar, Pakistan
Humaira titled it “I’m Looking”, but I was the one who ended up looking at a range of perspectives. Some were relatable, some were eye-opening, and some would never be my own. I was grateful for all of them. It’s also a great option for people who want to read but find “thick” books daunting. It’s worth much, much more than the nominal price it’s selling for. The book will occupy very little space on a bookshelf or Kindle, but plenty in people’s minds. It takes a special kind of intelligence and effort to write things that are heavy conceptually and light in terms of language. From the Looking Outward section, "A Collection of Haikus" was my favourite; from Looking Inward "Merry Go Rounds and Marathons" was. Then I realised I actually couldn’t pick just one or two favourites because they all spoke to me on some level. Some spoke to me as a working professional, some did simply as a human living in today’s world.
-Shibumi, India
This book is a compilation of beautiful poetry. I truly savoured the poems - a few at a time. The brilliant poet, Humaira, has referred to ordinary situations but highlighted powerful issues and made every poem so thought-provoking! If you would like to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and an honest, reflective collection of poems - this is definitely the book for you!
-Zahrah, India

Study Beginner's Classical Arabic with Humaira

10 Live Lessons. Lifetime access. Limited seats for May & June, 2024.

Course Overview

This Beginner's Classical Arabic Grammar Course is centered on collaborative learning, comprehension, theory with application, and not on simply understanding Arabic terminology and/or memorization.
We will be focusing on 'Nahw' which is the study of the way words in Arabic work together to form meaningful language. There will be no excessive memorization or intense work outside of our learning time together.
This course is available for both in-person (for Mumbai folks-limited seats) and online registration (you can mention your preference when you sign up below).


1. Who can take this course?Anyone-whether you're a working professional, homemaker, freelancer and/or student. The only pre-requisite is knowing how to read an Arabic script (basic alphabets).2. How much time do I need to commit?This is primarily a 10-day Beginner's course, with an hourly session per day. You can choose to spread these 10 hours across 2 months (by accommodating your weekday/weekend preferences). However, for maximum retention and clarity, it is recommended to complete the course within a month.3. Will there be tests/examinations?We will practice enough in class and begin to appreciate the beauty of Classical Arabic, but there will be no tests or examinations.4. Will the sessions be live or pre-recorded?You will be studying live with Humaira. You may choose to create your group if you know 2 or more people who are willing to study Arabic together. Alternatively, you may sign up on your own for one-on-one sessions.5. Will I be receiving study materials?Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the study material. This includes daily notes which cover bite-sized content discussed in class and a supplementary workbook for further study, application, and reflection.6. How is this Beginner's Classical Arabic Grammar Course different from other Arabic Courses?Your busy schedule should not stand in the way of your intention to study Arabic. Humaira offers structured and bite-sized content catered to your learning goals along with a flexible schedule that is tailor-made to your availability.
This course will empower you as you begin connecting with the Arabic language. Together, we will apply the grammar and linguistic beauty (of one of the most widely spoken languages in the world) in our everyday conversation.
Challenging concepts will be taught using storytelling, relevant examples and a supportive learning environment.
7. Can you tell me more about the syllabus?The syllabus is a combination of several Classical Arabic programmes (Children and Adult), the Lugatul Arabiyya Arabic Book (all parts), and Humaira's personal notes and academic study under esteemed teachers and scholars from across the globe.This includes an introduction to words in Arabic, identification of nouns and pronouns, sentence structure analysis, implications, and reasons for grammatical analysis (iʿrāb).At the end of 10 days, we will analyze a short chapter from YOUR favourite Arabic text/audio/video/scripture/book/reading etc, because theory will only take us so far! :)

For the detailed syllabus and fees, connect with Humaira using the Form below.

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Testimonials from Students

I always read the Quran without getting to know about the grammar in depth… and I was always very interested. Thank you to Humaira for making this happen and bringing this to our knowledge as well! As our teacher, Humaira was very professional and patient with us throughout the course! Overall, I am very happy to have learned this through the expertise of Humaira.-Muskaan, DubaiJazaakAllahu Khayr to Humaira for such an insightful, wholesome class. You made it perfectly easy for us. May Allah grant you great rewards in the world and hereafter.-Siddiqa, MumbaiI have grown in my appreciation towards the language and what nuances it carries! Thank you for your time and effort.-Abu Huraira, BangaloreThe sessions were absolutely amazing, a lovely experience. I can't wait to learn more with Humaira.
-Tazeen, Mumbai
Thank you so much to Humaira for the excellent classes Alhamdulillah. It was highly personalized and focused. The online option saved us a lot of travel-related hassle. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my teacher. She is very professional and her teaching style is great. Overall I am very grateful for the teaching service I received.-Ayesha, Mumbai

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Explore a variety of writing and editing services that I offer. Feel free to connect with me using the form below.

1. Writing

Are you looking for compelling content writing for your blog, website, social media, and/or marketing materials? Or would you like me to offer in-depth constructive feedback on your poetry collection, essay, or short stories? If you’re also interested in guest blog posts, or ghostwriting- let’s connect!
(PS, I do not work on graded assignments.)

2. Content Editing & Proofreading

Professional editing and proofreading services include fact-checking, overall analysis of coherence, tone, and significant rearrangement. Strategies for further self-editing and refining your craft will be provided to guide you in your future projects.

3. Line Editing

Line editing services are recommended for essays, social media posts such as Instagram captions, and poetry. Includes improvisation on word choice, diction, removing redundancies, and addressing more nuanced aspects such as pacing, syntax, transition, and cohesion. This is a valuable service if you’re aiming to enhance your writing project to a higher level of sophistication.

4. Consultation & Guidance

This includes an initial phone or video call. We will discuss your writing project (typically for 1 hour) followed by substantial communication and follow-up conversations as per your writing project requirements.
This is a recommended service if you're aiming to begin a writing project, experiencing writer's block, or simply need a mentor to hold you accountable and guide you in your personal writing endeavour.

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